2011 Melges 24 Worlds

In anticipation of the ordered chaos that always precedes a World Championship Regatta, here
are a few contacts that might make your planning a little easier...

  • The Valls Group has agreed to assist with any container shipping matters on behalf of the Regatta...If you have any questions about bringing a boat in from overseas, or sending one back home, please contact: Aldo Arcieri, Valls Group, tel. email:
  • Ainsworth Trucking will assist with your over ground transportation needs if you desire.If you’re shipping your boat to either Galveston or Houston, the Valls Group will assist bringing the boat down to Corpus. However, should you need your boat transported from say, Charleston or Miami, please contact: Ernest Hernandez, Ainsworth Trucking, tel.email: This may be a bit pricey, so you may want to look at alternate ways.
  • Boat Storage

    Many of you have requested information regarding boat storage prior to the
    Worlds...We have two options for you...

    We have an indoor/outdoor storage area near the Yacht Club, at 401 S. Water St.. There is quality outdoor storage available that will provide a secure area, hoses and water for boat cleaning/wetsanding, and a combo lock to provide 24/7 accessibility for the boat owners. The weekly fee for the outdoor storage is $30, monthly is $85. There is also limited indoor storage available for $50/week, please note that access to the indoor area will be limited to weekday, normal business hours. 

Advanced payment to storage property owner (Rugged Cycles) is required, from the day  of arrival until the first day of the Regatta.  To make arrangements, please contact:  Charlie Swanson,, email: .  

 Melges 24 Storage Guidelines                 Melges 24 Storage Contract

There is also limited dry storage available at the Marina itself, contact Their rates are $35/wk & $87/mo with limited availability.

  • Some of you have asked about renting vacation houses near the venue. Properties like that aren’t readily available in Corpus, you’d have to go to Rockport or Port Aransas (30- 45 min. drive) for houses like that. You might want to try this web site www.vrbo.com to see if there is anything in the Corpus Christi Beach area which is just over the Harbor Bridge, about 10 mins. from the Yacht Club, or try the CVB site (there is a link on our home page). Please remember that the OMNI Marina is the official hotel of the Worlds and is giving us outstanding rates for this time of year.